Why still surrealistic painting in the 21st century?


Because surrealistic art of that era, which lasted about 40 years (from the 20’s to the 50’s of the previous century), was the form which best looked at the inner world. The messages and values of surrealism are still relevant today because man, with his culture of consumption and science, feels more deprived than ever of values and references.
As heirs of the metaphysics of De Chirico, surrealists aimed to represent the eternal questioning of mysteries and enigmas, the
cosmos, the world, love, life, religion and death.
In this surrealist research they completely detached themselves from the exterior serenity of impressionism, from the decomposition of Picasso’s cubism and from the anguish of expressionism.
One must add that surrealism was completely disconnected from abstractionism, from minimalism and from several of the violent provocations of contemporary art.
The scarcity of emotions in contemporary art, with the exception of Bacon and Freud, pushed Albi to re-establish the links with surrealism that had already been expressed by outstand artists such as Magritte, Delvaux, Dalì, Ernst and others.